Roman road

Finding Roman Roads (or not as the case may be) – Susan Porter

In May 2012 a pair of site specifications for archaeological evaluations landed on my desk that appeared much more interesting than my usual fare, which generally comprises pre-historic sites with varying degree’s of nothingness going on. These two caught my interest because finally it seemed a Roman site had landed on the Roman archaeologist’s desk….

Bastions in Late Roman Britain

Bastions in an Urban context in Late Roman Britain (previously published in Had Soc newsletter autumn 2014) Following from my session on the ‘Context of the Forts of the Saxon Shore’ at this year’s Roman Army School, my interest has been aroused by the presence of bastions appearing on urban sites in Late Roman Britain….

Suzanne Heywood

Brenda Swinbank, later Heywood, is one of the heros of Hadrian’s Wall, undertaking her PhD on the Vallum nearly 70 years ago.