Turret 48a Hadrian's Wall

A virtual stroll along Hadrian’s Wall

David Breeze  goes on a virtual walk with Mark Richards along Hadrian’s Wall from Gilsland (MC 48) to Craggle Hill (about MC 54). The Countrystride Podcast celebrates the landscapes, culture, heritage and people of Cumbria and the Lake District through a unique blend of immersive field recordings, inspiring commentary and interviews, all shaped into a single walk presented…

Afqa, Lebanon

Photos by Peter Steele (RAS delegate) The waterfall at Afqa is the source for the River Adonis and is located on a 600-foot (180 m) bluff that forms an immense natural amphitheatre.[6] The river emerges from a large limestone cave in the cliff wall which stores and channels water from the melted snow of the mountains before…

Roman Army School 2018

A BIT ABOUT US: The Roman Army School has been well established for many years now. Previously it has run alongside the Hadrianic Society’s annual reunion, but in March of 2018 The Society sadly made the decision to close. Several of us decided that we would like to keep the Roman Army School aspect going…

Roman road

Finding Roman Roads (or not as the case may be) – Susan Porter

In May 2012 a pair of site specifications for archaeological evaluations landed on my desk that appeared much more interesting than my usual fare, which generally comprises pre-historic sites with varying degree’s of nothingness going on. These two caught my interest because finally it seemed a Roman site had landed on the Roman archaeologist’s desk….