Hadrian's Wall

Breeze and Dobson Award 2021

The Breeze and Dobson award seeks to acknowledge the excellent research that is conducted in reference to Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman frontier by non-university researchers and early-career academics, and to encourage its publication and dissemination to a wider audience. The Hadrian’s Wall Partnership Board is pleased to announce that Dr Katy O’Donnell has been…

Turret 48a Hadrian's Wall

A virtual stroll along Hadrian’s Wall

David Breeze  goes on a virtual walk with Mark Richards along Hadrian’s Wall from Gilsland (MC 48) to Craggle Hill (about MC 54). The Countrystride Podcast celebrates the landscapes, culture, heritage and people of Cumbria and the Lake District through a unique blend of immersive field recordings, inspiring commentary and interviews, all shaped into a single walk presented…

Fort and castle

Some Roman musings on a bike ride

By Linda Davis Cycling south from Penrith, the obvious route is via Brougham Castle, crossing the River Eamont by the bridge just east of the castle. The castle lies to the north of the Roman Fort of Brocavum.  The castle at Brougham, and before it the fort, protect the crossing of the Eamont.        Roads…

Milecastle model

Hadrian’s Wall, Milecastle 38 Inscription

Prof David Breeze explains the importance of the Milecastle 38 (Hotbank) inscription from Hadrian’s Wall, which proves that Hadrian commissioned the famous wall that now bears his name.