Gods and Planets  – Susan Porter

Mars, Venus and Jupiter After being rained and thundered off site recently I was holed up in the office ostensibly writing reports (playing solitaire), and happened to hear on the radio that it was the 100th anniversay of Gustav Holst’s composition of the first three (and arguably most famous) orchestral movements of the The Planets…

Bust of Julius Caesar

HistoryBites – Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar – The man who swore revenge on priates and convinced a legion to fight for no pay. Here are some of the lesser known aspects of the life of Caesar. S M Porter https://www.smporterauthor.co.uk/

The Roman Military Research Society

The RMRS will be providing lectures and live firing demonstrations at our 2019 Conference. This webisode from http://www.museumsecrets.tv is associated with a longer segment firing Roman catapults in the episode Inside the Bardo National Museum. Stream every episode of Museum Secrets at Vimeo On Demand: http://vimeo.com/ondemand/museumsecrets and VHX:



New York Military Affairs Symposium, May 24, 2013 (Part 3 – audience questions) Soldiers Sailors Marines Airmen Club, New York City www.adriangoldsworthy.com

Milecastle model

Hadrian’s Wall, Milecastle 38 Inscription

Prof David Breeze explains the importance of the Milecastle 38 (Hotbank) inscription from Hadrian’s Wall, which proves that Hadrian commissioned the famous wall that now bears his name.

Pantheon columns, Rome

HistoryBites – The Founding of Rome

Welcome to HistoryBites – your favourite bits of history in under 5 minutes! You’ve heard the myths about the founding of Rome, but is there truth behind the legends? S M Porter https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYuZlqCGFmlDyXKnSHHGXg/videos