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Some ramblings on unit transfer in the Roman army

“The order has come” – Some Ramblings On Unit Transfer In The Roman Army Jorit Wintjes, Würzburg – I. The villa in Vectis In 1887, Alfred John Church, professor of Latin at University College London, first published “The Count of the Saxon Shore or The Villa in Vectis”, a historical novel covering the “end”…

The Roman Military Research Society

The RMRS will be providing lectures and live firing demonstrations at our 2019 Conference. This webisode from is associated with a longer segment firing Roman catapults in the episode Inside the Bardo National Museum. Stream every episode of Museum Secrets at Vimeo On Demand: and VHX:



New York Military Affairs Symposium, May 24, 2013 (Part 3 – audience questions) Soldiers Sailors Marines Airmen Club, New York City